Michael Crichton Dead at 66

by Rafaele Fierro

Critically acclaimed author Michael Crichton died last month at the age of 66 after a long battle with cancer. Crichton was known for his best selling books, many of which were made into popular movies. These included Jurassic Park and The Andromeda Strain. He also created the popular television drama ER. In 2005, Crichton wrote State of Fear, a controversial book which cast doubt on the dangers and human causation of global warming. Continue reading


The Worst Candy in The Worst Candy Ever.

On the day Tunxis had its Club Fair, the newspaper club posed a question to students and faculty. “What was the worst candy you’ve ever gotten for Halloween?” 

The club received a lot of responses from the students. Some were ordinary, while others were the usual tall tales told by someone who wants to impress the friend standing next to him.

Cotton Candy, Tootsie Rolls, and the perennially lame apple were all on the list.

The one genuine entry though that I found interesting was a Band-Aid.  Why a Band-Aid? 

Assuming that the adhesive bandage was a “treat” given at Halloween, It might just be the worst item ever given away on that holiday.  What could you use a Band-Aid for whilst scouring the night for candy?  Is it for the razor blades in the apple?  Maybe for the cuts and scrapes one would get on their face from those cheap plastic masks of superman.

It’s much more entertaining to think that it was given without warrant. Just imagine a man or woman lying on their couch then they hear the door bell followed by “Trick or treat.” 

“What should I give them?” the man thinks to himself. 

Then just at that moment he sees the rubbery tan hide in his bathroom, problem solved.

 Surprisingly, though, the person who wrote “Band-Aid” on our board didn’t specify if it was used or not.  That would have made a much better story.

Worst Holloween Candy

A Question Posed to Tunxis Students:

What’s The Worst Halloween Candy You’ve Ever Gotten?


Ø  Candy Corn (x4)

Ø  Apple (x 3)

Ø  Tootsie Roll (x3)

Ø  Almond Joy (x 2)

Ø  Licorice (x 2)

Ø  Pretzels (x 2)

Ø  Bandaid

Ø  Book

Ø  Chocolate Covered Raisins

Ø  Cinnamon Gummies (Red Hots)

Ø  Crackers

Ø  Eye Ball Gum

Ø  Green Beans

Ø  Jelly Beans

Ø  Pay Day

Ø  Peanuts

Ø  Pencil

Ø  Pennies

Ø  Popcorn                

Ø  Raisins

Ø  Reece’s (Full Sized)

Ø  S’mores Bars

Ø  Swedish Fish

Ø  Tooth Brush

Ø  Tooth Paste

Ø  Whoppers


Reverse Discrimination: Paternalism at its Finest

by Amanda Brzozowy

            During the Civil Rights movement, many whites couldn’t understand the anger that blacks felt when treated with pity and given handouts. In the words of Timothy B. Tyson, in his book Blood Done Sign My Name, “For white people, paternalism provided a self-congratulatory sense of superiority; for blacks, it supplied dribs and drabs of material sustenance- shoes and books and hand-me-down clothes for their children. Paternalism strengthened the system of white supremacy…,” (25). While society may have come a long way since then, the paternalistic view concerning minorities is still largely evident. Continue reading

Is Everyone Ready For College?

by Stacey Roche


            Most students start college at eighteen, but do not belong in there. College is not something that every person is able to jump into right after completing high school. If it is a community college or a state college, it could be a huge reality check and a waste of money. Continue reading

Global Warming

by Tiffany Levesque

            Over the years, the Earth’s average temperature has been steadily increasing and causing many environmental problems. The climate is changing and as it gets hotter, it is having a negative effect on our health, animals are becoming endangered, and storms are getting stronger. I think that people should take responsibility and begin to take steps toward saving the environment. Continue reading

New Music Reviews

Coldplay – Viva la Vida
By Kathleen Strain

Delightful, comforting, and down to earth; this CD is possibly the best album of the year. After its release on June 12th, 2008, Viva La Vida rocked the charts and quite frankly, rocked me. As their fourth album, Coldplay has produced an eleven track masterpiece; not forgetting the hidden track entitled, “Chinese Sleep Chant”. Certainly, this is a forty-five minute and fifty-three second piece of art.

This album is filled with nurturing and poetic beats. Front man Chris Martin’s soothing voice can put someone in a trance. Band member Jonny Buckland creates mesmerizing guitar solos throughout each song. This stylish and involved rock takes you on a fantastic trip. The timely use of the piano in each song really keys in major points that produce an effective song.

            “Viva La Vida” is one of the most popular songs on the album. Undoubtedly a great track, the tune contains an enticing beat that catches you at first listen. Lyrics such as, “Seas would rise when I gave the word, Now in the morning I sleep alone” really brings the song down to a level to which anyone can relate. Tracks such as “Violet Hill” also draw a crowd. The guitar solo in “Violet Hill” makes a distinct noise that could almost pass as background vocals. Other notable tracks are “Death and all his friends” which gives off this comfortable, settling feeling. The song will sink your body into the chair it happens to be sitting in, and be the soundtrack to an indescribable drive home.

Coldplay has a few other celebrated albums as well. Viva La Vida has a slight difference than the rest of their work. It has the same tranquility as A Rush of Blood to the Head, and the same positive and upbeat nature that X&Y holds. Each track has its distinct differences and similarities. You cannot escape Martin’s particularly serene voice, but each song has its own feeling and life to it. All I can say in the end is this album receives a strong five stars out of five. Coldplay’s revolutionizing music will continuously top the charts, and I’m sure everyone will remain a strong hearted fan.